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Sting/Bite Relief Salve

Utilizing the pure essential oil and drawing benefits of Plantain, the soothing power of Lavender for pain and itch, and the natural antihistamine of Tea Tree, this Sting /Bite Relief Salve is exactly what is needed to keep close this summer!  As an anti-inflammatory property Olive Oil is the go to for the base of this salve.  This is also excellent to keep close by in your First Aid Kit or in your purse for any stings that may occur from those tiny little mosquitos pests or bees this summer.                                  (*Some recipes will also have Pure Essential Oils of Basil, for Itch, and Chamomile for calming.)  (**Please Note If One Is Preferred Over The Other)

(This is for Topical Use Only. Please seek Medical Care if symptoms persist. Please check ingredients 
for allergies. Do Not Use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed.)