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"Come Join Me On a 'Chandlers' Journey

What is a Chandler?
In simple terms, A Candle Maker!                                                
Come Join Me On a Very Special Journey of Creative Fun!

The name Chandler is derived from the English word “chandeler,” which comes from the Latin word “candelarius.” The occupational origin of the name is closely tied to the trade of candle-making. In medieval times, a chandler was responsible for crafting and selling candles, which were essential for providing light during the night. Today, the name Chandler serves as a reminder of the importance and skill associated with this ancient craft.

Chandlers would carefully select the materials for their candles, ensuring the highest quality and purity. Beeswax, known for its clean and steady burn, was a popular choice among chandlers. Tallow, on the other hand, was a more affordable option, although it produced a slightly flickering flame. The craftsmanship of a chandler was evident in the consistency and longevity of their candles, which played a vital role in illuminating homes, churches, and other important spaces.       (Written by Gabriel Cruz)                                                            (For More on this article see Origin Of The Name Chandler (Complete History)

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