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Membership Bundles are shipped every quarter in the first week of January, April, July, and October.  They will be just in time for the Change of Seasons and may include any Seasonal Specials in our line.  A discount of 10% is offered when any items from our line include 3 items or more. 

Please join our Membership Bundles Program by signing up with your online information and allow us to know which month(s) you would like to receive your 'Bundles'.  Further discounts will apply pertaining to the amount of quarters you would like to receive a 'Bundle'. They will be: 1 Quarter = 10%; 2 Quarters = 15%; 3  or 4 Quarters = 20% Discount on total personal orders.  (This discount does not apply to our Specialty Line Candle or Party Candle Orders.)

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