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Burning A Candle With Care and "Hugs"


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Burning a Candle with Care and Hugs!      

                                               6 Candle Burning Tips   

  2. Trimming The Wick: Make sure the wick is trimmed to about 1/4" or if the candle is very wide, only trim the wick to 8mm before the first burn. Three Wick Candles are considered about 1/4" Trim because the have 3 wicks in a (usually) 6" diameter. (When lighting after initial lighting or if your candle is burning for a lengthly time, always remove any debris and the flower that appears as the candle burns, if any, on the top of the wick as this will cause a soot smoking of the wick. If the wick is properly trimmed and the flower removed it should not smoke.)   Trimming the wick about every 2-2.5 hours will increase your burning time up to 25%. 
  3. The First Burn Time is very important!  Candles need to burn 1 hour for every 1" diameter. (If the candle is 2" in diameter is needs to burn for 2 hours every time it is lit.)  This will allow the wax to liquify completely from edge to edge.  It is a complete melt on the top.  Some call this a "memory ring".  Once it begins like this it will continue each time it is lit, as long as the same care is taken each time. 
4.  Keep the Flame Away From Moving Air.  Don't put it near a fan or open window that has a breeze.  This will disturb the flame and increase the possibility of black smoke marks on the glass.  If you do get them, don't worry! These can be removed using a damp paper towel. 
5.  Don't Forget to Hug Your Candle! Using a 'Candle Hugging Spoon', gently push down any wax that accumulates on the side of your container as you welling takes place.  This is done once the candle melts forming a "puddle" from edge to edge.   (These can be purchased here on my site...just look for the 'Candle Hugging Spoon'.
6.  Always store your candles in a dry, cool and dark place.  Always keep them covered to avoid dust particles to gather on the wax.  If it does, running them under warm water and tap drying quickly will restore the dust-free appearance and aid in the burning of the candle.