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Mama's, Babies, and Little One's Organic Salves

Mama's, Babies, and Little One's Organic Salves are a very special Skin Care Line developed for the tender skin of Mama's To Be and Baby/Child Care

The Soothing Pregnancy Salve is made with All Natural and Organic special ingredients that aid in the comfort of skin elasticity and the prevention of stretch marks, as well as relieving the 'itchiness' that sometimes occurs due to normal stretching throughout the baby's development.  The Nanny's Diaper Salve and Tender Body Boo Boo Salve are carefully developed with utmost caution for the best affect on diaper rash prevention and skin moisturizing, as well as aiding in minor "booboos" occurring in the growing process of baby's and children.

(Please check all ingredients.  If there are any allergies to these ingredients Do Not Use these products) Please contact me directly with any questions.  I would be glad to see if there is an alternate ingredient that can be used to make a special salve that fits your criteria.)